June 25, 2021

Security Experts Gather at ITEXPO to Explore SOAR

Living in a time where technological aspects like artificial Intelligence are advancing, cautionary measures must be put in place to avoid cyber threats and attacks. COVID-19 has impacted every industry and corner of the globe, and cyberspace is no exception, with an FBI report citing that since the pandemic began there has been a 300% increase in reported cybercrimes.

When businesses are exposed to greater risk, it usually leads to an outsourcing service from a managed Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) provider with a proven track record. to cushion organizations from security risks. SOAR refers to technologies that enable organizations to collect inputs monitored by the security operations team.

SOAR solutions can range from exceptional threat and vulnerability management to top-notch security operations automation, giving organizations the tools to to define incident analysis and response procedures in a digital workflow format. The technology is quickly becoming common across many industries, with the global SOAR market size is anticipated to accumulate over USD 1,817 million by 2025, and projected to exhibit a CAGR of over 15% over the forecast period from now to 2025.

It's no surprise that SOAR technology is “soaring” (I’ll see myself out), as the tech offers a myriad of benefits for organizations looking to both bolster their cybersecurity, and save money while doing so.

Firstly, SOAR simplifies cybersecurity by getting rid of human error. The technology offers automation, thereby eliminating human-based errors, and while the orchestration aims at achieving efficiency while effecting remedies on threats, automation reduces the time of performing the actions using machine learning, making the threat and vulnerability management process more efficient within a shorter time frame.

Secondly, the collaboration between SOAR Software and the users is on a whole new level. SOAR offers remedies to cyber threats that should be handled by individuals as well as teams. The team offers logic and reasoning, while SOAR provides tools for faster, effective, and automated error handling, and for this reason, multiple individuals can have unlimited access to the SOAR stacks in the firm.

Finally, having a highly secure system free from any external cyber threats is essential, but having it be within your budget can be stressful. The cost of hiring expert and competent cybersecurity personnel is quite costly because high technology comes with skills and talent that can be expensive. However, SOAR streamlines all the processes involved in making it cost-effective.

While SOAR can be leveraged for a variety of benefits, the lack of awareness about the technology is expected to impede the market growth. However, those interested can learn more at ITEXPO, one of the world’s largest, longest running, and most vital technology events. Taking place from June 22nd to June 25th, ITEXPO attracts companies of all sizes and representing all sectors of Communications and Technology Industries, including Enterprises and SMBs, Government Agencies, MSP/Resellers, Service

Providers/Carriers, Manufacturers, Developers, and more.

Everyone from engineers and IT/telecom managers to C-Level execs and business owners are continuing to gather in Miami this week for the only event dedicated to solutions driving digital transformation for the enterprise mid-market, SMBs, resellers and service providers across traditional and emerging categories. Keynote speakers, panels, exhibitions, demos, special events and more will provide education, insight and networking opportunities.

Edited by Luke Bellos

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