Testimonials & Reviews

January 30 - February 1, 2019

"Could not have had a more successful #itexpo the AppleTV 4K giveaways at the booth was an absolute hit!! Made a TON of connections, our goal was to get 1 customer and we did that within the first hour! Can't wait to do another expo with these guys I call family."

- Robby Hicks, President & CEO at SynergyCP

"Thanks for another successful #ITEXPO2019 show! Great technology, great conference subjects, excellent people! Looking forward to #ITEXPO2020"

- Ron Romanchik

"#ITEXPO was outstanding, but what made it so were the people, partnerships and friends."

- Jeff Slapp

"Was Beyond a Super Show ! The insights recommendations, solutions, and networking is simply the best !"

- Akshay Sharma

"Great IT EXPO last week in Ft. Lauderdale. Had a great time working the booth with our partner TCG. Lots of traffic, great company and a well done event."

- Todd Catlette, Strategic Partner Director, Star2Star Communications

"Max Mancini delivered his keynote to a packed audience at the ITEXPO 2019 at Fort Lauderdale. Taking the Digital Workforce into the world and into the future! Automation Anywhere #keynote #digitalworker"

Mukund Srigopal, Business and Marketing Leader, Automation Anywhere

"Very exciting day at the ITEXPO 2019! Great keynotes, great people, great ideas!! #itexpo"

- Chakib Ljazouli, VoIP Systems Developer, Great HealthWorks

"We met lots of great folks here in Ft. Lauderdale and look forward to coming back next year."

- Jim Eglin Vice President - StatusCast

"Great times at ITEXPO. Old friends revisited. New relationships started. Our panel at MSPExpo was fantastic and big thanks to our moderator Gary Audin for delivering great questions to spur even better conversations. Successful start to the first show of 2019!"

- Michael Slater, Cloud Evangelist, Public Speaker, SherWeb

"Great meeting everyone at ITEXPO! Great show."

- Clinton Gatewood, VP Partner and Reseller Development, SaaSMAX Corp

"On the third day of this magnificent ITExpo, the spirits are high and the energy is extraordinary at our booth. We are meeting back to back incredible prospects with an overwhelming response."

- Ecosmob Technologies Pvt Ltd

"Have a look at the glimpse of Day 3! Matrix at #ITEXPO 2019, successfully concluded by exhibiting our New-Age Security and Telecom Solutions. We're overwhelmed for such a great response from our visitors."

- Matrix Comsec

"AIOps Expo was a great show and the AIOps discussions we had throughout the course of the event were great. There were a lot of compelling and candid chats about where we are and what we need to get to where we want to be. Gary Kim, our moderator, did a great job keeping our conversations engaging!"

- Frank Yue, Technologist, evangelist, and visionary, KEMP Technologies

"Yesterday's #UC seminar is a great success! We feel encouraged that so many people come by and like our seminar. Thank you all! And thank those who have dropped by our booth and shared valuable ideas and suggestions."

- Yeastar

"What an amazing time presenting at the 2019 TMC ITEXPO at the Greater Fort Lauderdale / Broward County Convention Center. Such brilliant and talented people in attendance! Congratulations on its 20th year!!"

- Ted Eleftheriou, UNTHINQ

"We're exhibiting at ITEXPO through tomorrow. Great turnout."

- Winvale

"Enjoyed connecting with our partners and customers at our very busy booth at ITExpo in Fort Lauderdale. My favorite activity is hearing directly from our partners as to what we can do to make AireSpring their top choice for Managed Connectivity, Networking and Cloud Communications."

- Avi Lonstein, CEO, AireSpring

"Rocking and Rolling in Fort Lauderdale for #ITEXPO. Great show!"

- Michael Crown, President, FracTel, LLC.

February 13-16, 2018

"Sat on two panels this week at ITExpo 2018. Artificial Intelligence and Business Process Automation. In addition to business and technical considerations, much lively and animated conversation related to philosophical, legal, regulatory and human impact concerns. Technology will continue to advance and improve, but at what cost and what are the appropriate applications? ITExpo Ricoh Business Solutions"

- Brett Lancaster

"Lose $ on Blockchain or Get Paid to Understand It. With @BitcoinHomework, you really can do the second item. Who else was inspired by @ITEXPO #itexpo2018 #blockchaintechnology #blockchainmovement #blockchain @BlockchainEvent?"

- Suzanne Bowen

"Had a fabulous time at the #ITEXPO2018. Met some super people and some valuable partnerships, and gained valuable insight. Very productive week. See you next year #ITEXPO"

- IVR Solutions

"Wonderfully busy days at #itexpo2018 in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Lots of interest on how #portabilling can be used for #IoT and #M2M projects"

- PortaOne

"Been go-go all day here @ITExpo. Moderated panels earlier - on #AI and on #chatbots - full rooms and great engagement. Any photos out there? Please share! #ITExpo2018 @tmcnet #collaboration #CCTR #CX #ucoms #UC"

- Jon Arnold

"TelcoBridges@ #ITEXPO: Great session this morning, talking about using APIs to create new value! Want to discuss? Book a meeting with us at #telecom #cloud #APIeconomy #ITEXPO2018 "

- TelcoBRidges

"So much love happening here at #itexpo2018 #itexpo @TimBasa @Telegration_Inc @BullsEye_Inc"

- MojoMktg

"Enjoying our time at #ITEXPO! #RIDETHEWAVE #ITEXPO2018 "

- Phonedotcom

"ITEXPO community together with Windstream encouraging #innovation #disruption and #collaboration #itexpo2018 #itexpo"

- AlexPaunic

IDEA Showcase #Startup #ICOs Pitch @BlockchainEvent #blockchain #ITEXPO2018 #bitcoin #Cryptocurrency #ETHEREUM @sfta

- pravvy

We had an awesome time riding the wave this week! Thanks @ITEXPO for hosting a wonderful event!

- @Phonism

February 8-10, 2017

Overall for the week, we at Fiber Mountain were thrilled with the 2017 event. The combination of the IoT conference and IT EXPO with several collocated events provided consistent traffic across all three days, with plenty of influencers and decision makers, and a mix of company types from carriers, ISPs, enterprises and resellers. A special thanks to the TMC team for a job well done and a great all-conference party where all of us got to see and visit with old long-term friends and make new friends.

- Bill Miller, Fiber Mountain

"Great Show and Attendance" - Mark Straton, Broadsoft

" I just finished an awesome, standing room-only panel on SD-WAN at the ITExpo that has already been described as the best panel discussion so far on the topic ever at the conference...Now invited by a major service provider in Australia for dinner on the ocean beach"

- Akshay Sharma, VP Corporate Strategy, Beesion

If you keep up to date with the latest innovations in communications technology, ITEXPO has always been one of the places to learn, meet key vendors, and network. With a regular winter event in southern Florida every year, it's hard to say "no" to attending. This year did not disappoint, especially with the addition of a co-located Internet of Things (IoT) event and even more to see and experience during your trip to Florida.

- Alan Percy, Dialogic Blog, February 15, 2017

"It's been a very interesting Day 1. There have been sessions on a wide range of different topics. Despite having a blizzard in the Mid-Atlantic which has cancelled thousands of flights, there's a good crowd of attendees here."

- Hugh Goldstein, VP Strategic Alliances, Voxbone

"This year's ITEXPO was a huge success, and organizations from around the country gathered to share technology insights, tips and tricks to growing as a business"

- Ariel Cruz, Nexogy

"ITEXPO has been great, its been pretty busy and we've met a lot of good attendees. Traffic has been good and we have had a lot of great inquiries in terms of what we do and how we fit in with the rest of the crowd."

- Digium

"come every year and always leave with new ideas/technologies/suppliers that improve my business. It is 3 days and money well spent. One show I will NOT miss during the year"

- Alan Montgomery, ModTel

"ITEXPO is one of the consistently productive and enjoyable events in the industry. It provides excellent opportunities to learn and network."

- Mark Ricca, IntelliCom Analytics

"It was a very informative, high energy event that was a great forum for meeting and being introduced to new technologies, partners and relationships."

- Peter Maher, TetherView

"I found the show to be vibrating with energy. There was a great mix of topics covered and the opportunity to meet with current customers and prospects is exceptional."

- Karine Vosberg, GSA

January 25-28, 2016

"ITEXPO is an interesting forum because lots of different people come together from different backgrounds...I was impressed by the vibrant nature. There are a lot of people, a lot of foot traffic, an awful lot of conversations. I was very pleasantly surprised at how busy it was."

- Colin Ayer, CTO, SwitchRay

"Really great - it's been very busy, it's been good. We're meeting some current customers, we're meeting some new customers, a lot of people who haven't heard of us before so the exposure's been really good. I am looking forward to seeing people that I've met this time around, looking at how we grow next year." - Bicom Systems

Lot of service providers, lot of new vendors, resellers, agents with the service providers, so basically tons of traffic. It started off with a bang, we're looking to close out strong. We have about 80 cards, 80 follow up calls to do on Friday, it's going to be a busy Friday. I can't wait actually, that's what I love to do. We're looking forward to the next show, we can't wait to be a part of it. We love this event."

- 888VoIP

"Oh it's been fantastic, we've had a great time. It's really unique for us to be here because we work with both the folks who are here attending the show in terms of the IT buyer - we help them find solutions, and then we also work with a lot of vendors here doing demand generation. So it's been great interacting from both sides - from buyers and sellers. We actually attended in Anaheim last year and had a great experience and we're able to come in Ft. Lauderdale. We are also a media partner for the conference."

- Technology Advice

"We see the same people we always want to see, we also meet new potential industry friends, customers and so on. But also - you guys keep evolving. Like next door - there is the Internet of Things, so people are intermixing and new ideas come up. It is not the same old "business as usual". We really love the variety and how you guys evolve." - DiDX Exchange

"If you sell or if you work with technology - you have to be at ITEXPO." - VoPero

I've really come away with some good leads, so I was impressed with the quality of the attendees and I was able to connect with some folks I've already been talking to.

- IDI Billing Solutions

"It's been great - we got a speaking slot, had really good attendance there and actually got three customers that want to business right from that event alone. It's been great. We've also got to talk to a number of MSPs - who are a big part of our customer base, a growing part of our customer base. The show's been great for us. - accelops"

"It was awesome. I came all the way here from New Zealand. So it's really been a good experience to see what happens here in the U.S. market compared to home. Everything here is just brilliant. The keynotes here were really good and relevant."

"We've had a series of meetings that have done really well for us. We've met some customers that I haven't seen face to face, we've been on the phone for several years but this is the first time we actually get to meet them and show them the product and get to know them a lot better. " - Vtech

It's an audience that we might not necessarily reach otherwise. We're very much in the network and data center space but this gets us in touch with a lot of people who are here for VoIP and carrier work who actually also have data center space, collo space, they can use things like our solutions. It's a great way to get the message out.

- Fiber Mountain

It's kind of like a jumping off point for us. Beginning of the year every year. Get a lot of resellers, lots of our distribution partners are down here. It really sets the tone for us throughout the course of the year.

- Grandstream

It's a great chance for us to see resellers that we don't get to see often, so it's the one place to meet them. Have dinners and meetings with them and obviously gather new business and gather what's new in the industry.


It was a great experience, we had a great opportunity to meet some resellers that we know and perhaps onboard some resellers that we haven't seen in the past. It's our third year at the show.

"I am excited about the event and great attendance, really seeing a lot of interesting new technologies. You're seeing some end users, a lot of channels, obviously"

- Phil Edholm

October 6-8, 2015

It was awesome. I came all the way here from New Zealand. So it's really been a good experience to see what happens here in the U.S. market compared to home. Everything here is just brilliant. The keynotes here were really good and relevant."


The audience here is very targeted and you can really build relationships with providers and business' here. It's a good place to network and meet new partners.

It gives us the opportunity to raise awareness. It's been a combination of physically at the event and the social media exposure, the online presence, it's the integrated marketing campaign.