FreeSWITCH Training

Basic FreeSWITCH Training

Tuesday Feb. 13th 2018
9:30am to 5pm

Admission is free and included with any ITEXPO registration plan.

FreeSWITCH Training will cover the installation and configuration of FreeSWITCH. We will walk through making calls, administer various configurations, enable and utilize various modules. We'll also cover some additional functions of FreeSWITCH such as video call recording, video conferencing, Call Detail Recording, troubleshooting, logging, and interacting with Event Socket Library.

Who Should Attend

FreeSWITCH Training is aimed at individuals with limited experience in telecommunications. Experience in SIP/WebRTC is preferred, but not required. Ideal participants should have basic familiarity with programming concepts, and general ability to administer a Linux command line.

What Attendees Will Learn:

  • How to install FreeSWTICH.
  • How to install Verto Communicator.
  • Register and make calls between endpoints.
  • Administer various configuration files.
  • Enable and configure modules.
  • Video Teleconferencing.
  • FS_CLI usage for logs, debug, troubleshooting.
  • *Gateway Registration, inbound/outbound calls.
  • *Encryption methods SRTP, ZRTP, and Certificates for SIP/TLS.

What Should You Bring?

  • Have Linphone installed on Laptop and Smartphone.
  • May use alternatives on smartphone, like Voip by AntiSip, or Zoiper, or Bria

What Will You Get from FreeSWITCH?

  • USB Sticks with copies of VirtualBox, Putty, and image with Debian and FreeSWITCH and dependencies preinstalled.  
  • Online Access or Digital Copies of Slides on USB sticks.

Admission is FREE & included with any ITEXPO registration plan.