June 24, 2021

Combating Cybercrime With Common Sense Business Practices

Over the last seventeen months, the business world has been dealing with a monumental rise in cyberattacks as many employees shifted to hybrid work environments. Though most organizations were quick to supply employees with equipment to continue to work from home, many business leaders failed to consider the cybersecurity risks that arise from distributing unsecured laptops and smart devices and using them on personal networks. If the business world is set on shifting operations to remote environments, company leaders need to consider the risks associated with a distributed workforce

This topic was discussed in depth during ITEXPO’s Cybersecurity Opportunity for MSPs, featuring Ryan Cloutier (President,Security Studio), Vincent Cosomano (Security Team Lead, Vijilan Security), moderated by TMC CEO and ITEXPO Conference Chairman, Rich Tehrani. During this in-depth conversation, Cloutier and Cosomano highlight various cybercrimes that are currently compromising business activities, as well as the importance of forming strategic partnerships with MSPs to help protect employees from common IT vulnerabilities. 

Cloutier and Cosomano also offered simple advice for both company leaders and employees to avoid tricks that cybercriminals use to exploit unsuspecting users. Both speakers made a point to remind the audience that even with advanced tech infrastructure and cybersecurity measures, there is no better defense than common sense practices. These practices include backing up data, understanding network vulnerabilities, and educating employees on common online fishing tactics. 

Cybercrime should never be taken mildly, but business leaders can apply relatively simple practices to protect employees and business data from malicious attacks.

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Edited by Luke Bellos

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