June 22, 2021

RYZ by IKIN Brings Science Fiction Tech To The Business World

Imaging technology and 5G developer IKIN kicked off ITEXPO with a comprehensive overview of the company’s most recent holographic smartphone accessory, RYZ.

Utilizing powerful 5G networking and artificial intelligence, RYZ allows users to experience vivid, tangible, 3D images projected through a glass smartphone attachment. What was once thought to be a science fiction fantasy is now making its way into reality, inspiring a new generation of programmers and developers to take charge over this bleeding edge technology.

Today's presentation, featuring Co-founders Taylor Scott and Joe Ward among other company leaders, took time to discuss the advanced capabilities and broad applications that RYZ and other IKIN developments could potentially have on virtually every industry in the business landscape.

The speakers highlighted somewhat obvious applications that many tech enthusiasts may think of, such as entertainment or novelty purposes. Many readers might recall similar technology used in 2012 during the Coachella music festival, when special effect company Digital Domain created a surprisingly realistic holographic performance of Tupac Shakur. However, the presentation made a point to remind the audience that this technology has a significantly broader scope.

Audience members were able to see this technology being used first-hand, with IKIN presenters demonstrating how medical professionals can use holographic imaging for internal organ imaging and medical diagnosis. The technology has even caught the attention of the US military, with IKIN being selected by the Department of Defence for a test run for smart warehouse management.

Though RYZ and other IKIN tech products are still in early stages of development, the presentation clearly demonstrated that holograms will have a serious impact on the future of business.

To learn more about IKIN and other new developments within the tech space, visit ITEXPO in Miami Florida from June 22-25.

Edited by Luke Bellos

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