June 22, 2021

IKIN University Puts Power of Holograms in Developer Hands

In recent years, the technology used to capture and project holograms has advanced rapidly. No longer are holograms only bound to sci-fi movies, as the latest techniques allow increasingly convincing and interactive models to be displayed, similar to what kids see in avengers movies today, and what their parents saw in star wars movies growing up.

The concept itself is certainly game-changing, with industries across all sectors already taking advantage of the practical uses of hologram technology. In the healthcare industry, holograms are allowing doctors to produce 3D holographic images of structures including the brain, liver, lungs, heart, skeleton, vascular system, nerves and muscles, giving them more precision in their work.

Hologram technology is expected to become even more widespread in the future, with some already pioneering holograms on the smartphone scale.

Roughly two years ago, holographic technology developer IKIN announced the arrival of its RYZ platform. It was the first step in creating an interactive, high-quality, and affordable holography ecosystem, including the tools needed to create and interact with holographic environments.

The RYZ accessory gives users touch control of holographic elements with full integration between the volumetric display and the standard phone screen. IKIN also offers app developers its RYZ Framework, which delivers a strong set of open SDKs and APIs that incorporate holographic elements and features into games, business applications, and communications services.

Now, for the first time, IKIN is bringing its holographic experience directly to developers with its IKIN University Hologram Developer Event, taking place June 22, 2021, at ITEXPO in Miami, Florida. The hands-on program will give developers, including those working on visually engaging apps for collaboration, communications, and interactive support/assist products, the requisite skills and tools to add holographic content into B2B and consumer applications.

IKIN will show various examples and demos of what is possible with holography, allowing developers and others to truly experience first-hand the value of 3D experiences and see the value it will bring to their content, regardless of their industry. Attendees of the program will learn how to build volumetric content for use in existing and emerging apps and applications, transform 2-D objects into 3-D volumetric holograms with facial tracking ability, and the best practices and principles for creating engaging and successful holographic experiences.

 IKIN also isn’t making it complicated.  Developers won’t have to learn a new language or platform, because IKIN’s SKD really comes down to making adjustments that will enhance the final product.  Developers already proficient in Unity Development will be on their way to creating holographic content quickly.

Attendees are given the opportunity to become part of the IKIN Community Forum with access to documentation and knowledge base, and will also have the chance  join a design team and actually try it out, including a competition for prizes in a holographic applications design-off.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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