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Combatting Cybersecurity Threats with Behavioral Analytics

Jennifer Blatnik
VP, Cloud, Security, Enterprise Marketing

Nir Simionovich

CEO, Cloudonix, Inc

Cloudonix, Inc

Passionate about disrupting the communications market, ever since Nir discovered the world of Open Source communications, hes been excited by the possibilities it opens. Nir has taken that passion and excitement ten steps forward, into the realm of communications infrastructure by redefining complex, expensive and archaic communications concepts and turning these into cloud based, software defined solutions. Nir is a professional Asterisk application and platforms developer with a flair for platform development in various fields, as well as an Open Source integration expert and evangelist. Highly involved within the Israeli Open Source community, hes a devoted Open Source promoter always interested in projects that bring together the voice and IP world.


Alex Balashov

CEO, Evariste Systems LLC

Evariste Systems LLC

Evariste Systems is a well-established VoIP consulting house founded in 2007. We are focused on open-source infrastructure and platform-building for SIP service providers, chiefly with Kamailio. Evariste is based in Athens, a university town in northeast Georgia, USA, but we have proud Atlanta roots. Evariste has grown up with open-source VoIP as it moved from cottage industry to increasing maturity, sophistication and consolidation.


Matthew Fredrickson

Software Engineer, FluentStream


Matthew has worked with Asterisk since 2001. He has a BS in Computer Engineering from the University of Alabama in Huntsville and wrote Asterisks SS7 stack, libss7, as well as maintained and developed its ISDN stack libpri. He also wrote a number of DAHDI device drivers and maintained the DAHDI open source project for a number of years. After that, he spent quite a bit of time as a Director of Open Source Development at Sangoma and as the Asterisk Project Lead, and is now doing more software engineering work at a business communications company called Fluentstream.


Carlos Casanova

Senior Director - Information Technology, Gexel Telecom

Gexel Telecom

Carlos started at Gexel as Network Administrator 8 years ago. He trained as an Engineer in telecommunications and electronics at the University of Santa Clara, Cuba. With 14 years of proudly enriching experience that started as a load test programmer, he now runs an on premise infrastructure capable of handling thousands of calls simultaneously, having become one of the most important call centers in Canada.


Lorne Gaetz

Director of Open Source, Sangoma Technologies

Sangoma Technologies

Lorne set up his first Asterisk/FreePBX system in 2008 as a replacement for the offices aging PBX while working in an unrelated Engineering field. The new PBX almost did everything he needed, so he spent some free time hacking and extending the system where features were needed, discovering much about the inner workings in the process. As Lorne was starting to learn the duties of a new PBX admin, he began engaging with the online community, at first by participating in FreePBX and Asterisk forums and then later by becoming an open source code contributor and leader for community supported FreePBX projects. Within a few years, Lorne was a dedicated FreePBX community member and a strong supporter of community engagement in the Open Source software space. In 2015, Lorne was hired by Sangoma to perform both support and development duties, and has since expanded his scope of interest beyond the dialplan to the entire IP telephony ecosystem.


Chris Dolese

VP Support, Sangoma Technologies

Sangoma Technologies

Engaging with Asterisk for over 15 years, Chris journey has seen a transformation from VoIP enthusiast to customer, transitioning into reseller, and finally joining the support team at Sangoma. A fervent admirer of aviation, his initial career path started as a flight instructor, gradually transitioning into the technology sector.


Joshua Colp

Asterisk Project Lead, Sangoma Technologies

Sangoma Technologies

Joshua Colp is the Asterisk Project Lead. This is just a fancy way of saying he makes surethe ship is pointed in the right direction. He originally started in the community submittingsimple patches and grew into improving and creating new core components of Asteriskitself. He is a self-taught programmer who believes in finding the balance between doingthings the way they should be done and doing what is right for the people using thesoftware. In his spare time he enjoys smashing fax machines.


Jean-Denis Girard

Manager, SysNux


After completing his PhD. in electronics systems in France, Jean-Denis took a position as engineer in a renewable energy institute in sunny French Polynesia. A few years later, Jean-Denis founded an IT consultancy company, specializing in open source software.Jean-Denis has been using Asterisk since the early days, and even contributed some pieces of code. He appreciates the versatility of this open source communications toolkit, and used it in many projects: telephony systems, IVRs, call centers.


Shlomi Gutman

Voicenter CTO, Voicenter- cloud contact center

Voicenter- cloud contact center

Founders of Voicenter. More than 20 years of business experience in establishing and managing large scale telco networks, information technology systems & Contact centers as a service platforms, contributing to several open source projects including the Asterisk, Opensips, Homer and mo.