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Make The Most Of Your ITEXPO Attendee Experience

1. Arrive early
We encourage you to arrive on Monday, the day before the first official session begin. Arriving early means you'll be able to join educational programming, included in your registration: SDN Pre-Conference, Microsoft Lync University and a WebRTC workshop.

2. Stay until the very end
Plan to stay through the final sessions and grand prize giveaway on Thursday—until at least 2 p.m.

3. Book your hotel room at the Mandalay Bay
We've secured special rates at the Mandalay Bay – where ITEXPO Las Vegas 2013 is happening. Be sure to reserve well in advance, and use the link on the Hotel & Travel page when booking your room. (Note: Rooms sell out quickly!)

4. Don't go home
Book a room at the Mandalay Bay – Official Hotel of ITEXPO, even if you live within commuting distance. Save yourself the stress and envelop yourself in the community for the duration of the event.

5. Talk to strangers
ITEXPO is full of amazing people – essential to your event experience. As a result, chance encounters at ITEXPO often lead to new ideas, projects, perspectives, companies…

6. Eat. Drink. Sleep.
ITEXPO has jam-packed programming for four days. You'll enjoy it more if you pace yourself: drink plenty of water, grab light healthy snacks, go easy on alcohol, and get as much sleep as is humanly possible. Our staff depends on lots of water, multivitamins, energy bars, water and of course, plenty of coffee.

7. Don't miss a thing
Watch every session. Go to every event. Watching every session helps you avoid disappointment, and ensures you take in each key moment as it happens. Social events, too, are there for a reason. So resist the temptation to sneak back to your room, and give yourself a complete ITEXPO experience.

8. Devour the program guide
The schedule is packed – to avoid the background checks – read the session programming before you arrive. Read it online when it debuts, and arrive ready to dive deeper.

9. Let us help you
Our staff will do their best to answer any questions and solve any problems, from layout questions to internet opportunities. Pre-conference, contact us via email (check out the contact us page). On site, visit our information desk near registration or ask anyone wearing a staff badge.

10. Get Social!
Connect with @ITEXPO on Twitter to get all the latest show updates & connect with attendees. Use hashtag #ITEXPO.