What Your Colleagues Thought
"The event is very representative of modern day technology and the new state of the art. It's the people introducing the new things. It reminds me very much of the shows where we introduced the original Apple 2 computer. In those days, the computer shows were a little less professional but we'd go there and you'd see all the products from the different companies. You'd see the all components they're made from, you'd see applications, you'd see software, you'd see the people selling computers. It was a great fun thing and that's what you see here."

Steve Wozniak

"One of the key things for us at ITEXPO is the diversity of the audience. It's not just a reseller show, it's not just a service provider show, it's not just an enterprise show. We have an opportunity to meet with a very diverse goup and its also a good place to run into the mid-market. Alan Percy"


"We have the opportunities to see all the important people in the industry. Whether it's on the analyst and press side or the customer side on the exhibit hall floor. We see everybody at these events."

Jeff Dworkin - Sangoma

"It was awesome. I came all the way here from New Zealand. So it's really been a good experience to see what happens here in the U.S. market compared to home. Everything here is just brilliant. The keynotes here were really good and relevant.The quality of the type of customers we are trying to reach are typically here. It has been our most successful show for over 8 years now. We get good quality leads that come in for our sales force."

"ITEXPO is the best place to find the industry in 4 walls. We register a couple of shows in advance and we are looking forward to Miami next year and launching new products."

"It gives up the opportunity to raise awareness. It's been a combination of physically at the event and the social media exposure, the online presence, it's the integrated marketing campaign."

"A lot of interest and a lot of movement here."

"It was absolutely amazing - this is one of the best shows ever. Every time I come here, every year I come here I feel like I learn a lot and the experience is amazing."

"The audience here is very targeted and you can really build relationships with providers and business' here. It's a good place to network and meet new partners."

"The new technology coming out is very exciting, the way it's going it's always fun, always fun to be here and see what's new and what we can look forward to."

"It was awesome. I came all the way here from New Zealand. So it's really been a good experience to see what happens here in the U.S. market compared to home. Everything here is just brilliant. The keynotes here were really good and relevant."

"I love it and I am going to Miami. We have been exhibiting for the last 7 years throughout the ITEXPO's. It's a good show, it works for us, lots of new customers."

"The traffics been pretty good. Last night was great, it was unbelievable. We're meeting a lot of other big businesses, manufacturers, dealers, distributors of other products, which is good for us because that's really our genre."

"We came to ITEXPO to meet new businesses and partners that we are looking to expand into the Cloud storage market. So far we've had a great response to that. Biggest benefit is meeting these new partners that are interested in reselling our product to their clients and to branching out from other industries, like VoIP into cloud storage. There's a bigger demand now and they want to be able adjust to that new market, and we're the perfect partner for them for that."

"Happy to see it growing in these new directions. No matter who comes here, they're going to find something for them, that's what I think. Meeting up with new people that I never thought I would before, such as people involved in WebRTC, social media, logistics, and we're coming up with new collaborations. See normally, you'll go to a show and it's all about telecom, and you meet everybody who is just like you and you can't come up with anything new."

Suzanne Bowen

"Well, for the first time, I think it's wonderful. I've met a lot of interesting people and got a lot of good business cards to follow up on, great exhibits here and you've got the right people who I wanted to meet. This was my first time attending, and it won't be my last."


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