January 28, 2016

Windstream Shatters Standards for Carrier Ethernet

It's been quite a week for Windstream. Not only did the company, a Platinum sponsor of ITEXPO, recently deliver a keynote address at the event, but the company also recently landed a major new certification for its Carrier Ethernet service.

More specifically, Windstream landed MEF CE 2.0 certification, targeted toward its Carrier E-Access service. With MEF CE 2.0, it's now insured that Windstream's E-Access tool works with all known MEF CE 2.0 requirements, including service levels and class of service requirements, along with a better interoperability with currently-existing customer networks. Since the MEF is the global industry body for Carrier Ethernet operations, Windstream's certification with such a firm is a sound support for the quality of its product line.

That in turn, according to Windstream's director of product management and marketing Jeff Brown, better places Windstream as a “trusted partner” for not only carrier customers, but also for content and wholesale customers as well. That makes a better opportunity for businesses to grow along with Windstream's service.

This isn't the only advance for Windstream, either; recently, Windstream offered up some comment about how it was part of a growing movement in information technology (IT) to take advantage of both managed service and the various as-a-service models. As the role of IT in many companies was rapidly growing, such tools no longer looked like a threat to IT jobs and rather as a way to take some of the pressure off an increasingly complex task. The benefits of such services range from a greatly reduced capital expenditure—most managed services essentially become like a new monthly bill rather than a large purchase of necessary material to start a new service—which fits in well with modern organizations' operations budgets to access to services that could prove useful, but that weren't really available previously.

All of this combines together to be good news for Windstream and its shareholders. The company is not only clearly keeping an eye on current operations, but also working to improve operations for the future. Forward thinking is the sign of a company that means to be around for the long haul, and isn't currently suffering or about to shut down. There's no doubt the company is looking ahead, and likely has plans to put its new certifications to work as marketing tools, drawing in potential new users with clear demonstrations of interoperability and reliability.

Good news for Windstream, and all those connected to it. It's likely not to be the last of the good news out of Windstream, either, as a clearly forward-thinking philosophy is likely to generate more value down the road. Its presence at ITEXPO and its recent developments bear that much out.

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere

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