January 20, 2016

Grandstream Channel Partners Get a Boost with New SIPTRUNK.com Connection

One of the great inevitabilities of technology is that the hardware has to come with software, and vice versa. Software without hardware is just discs with code, and hardware without software is a pricey paperweight. So many times, hardware's value can be measured not only by what it does by itself, but what systems it works with. Grandstream Networks added a little extra versatility to its lineup as SIPTRUNK.com announced that its line of tools were now compatible with Grandstream's systems.

More specifically, the connection now allows SIPTRUNK.com's line of session initiation protocol (SIP) trunking systems to work with Grandstream's GXW IP gateway, as well as its UCM IP PBX line. This gives Grandstream channel partners a new option for reselling SIP trunking services, without having to become an active service provider.

That's a point SIPTRUNK.com's managing director, Marc Fribush, offered some elaboration on. Fribush noted that the new addition of SIPTRUNK.com gives Grandstream dealers a valuable new tool to put to work in sales efforts; most Grandstream dealers and resellers, Fribush noted, can now set up new account sign-up for new buyers in under 10 minutes, and SIPTRUNK.com takes care of the customer billing, taxes, and other such matters while routing invoice-grade detail to commission payouts.

Not only does SIPTRUNK.com offer a brandable service platform to work with, but it also offers access to a demo trunk with 100 minutes to use in testing service quality both incoming and outgoing. New end user accounts can be set up in less than a minute, and a variety of packages can be offered from direct inward dialing (DID) numbers to unlimited SIP trunks and beyond.

The software, however, only goes so far without the hardware, and those who want a better look at the hardware need only come to ITEXPO.  Set to run January 25 through 28 at Fort Lauderdale's Broward County Convention Center, the event will feature a host of networking opportunities, product exhibitions, and addresses from industry thought leaders. Grandstream itself, meanwhile, will be at the event exhibiting at Booth #610; it's not only an exhibitor, but it's also a Platinum sponsor of the event.

The combination of hardware and software is where a lot of the magic of technology truly takes place, and this new combination of Grandstream and SIPTRUNK.com should go a long way toward demonstrating that.  One can only do so well without the other, and with the two together, the fullest value of both becomes evident. SIPTRUNK.com has given Grandstream a little extra range, and Grandstream has given SIPTRUNK.com an excellent platform from which to show off its capabilities.

The two together offer users a terrific opportunity, and those who want to experience it to the fullest have every opportunity to do so. Whether checking out Grandstream at ITEXPO or just testing SIPTRUNK.com's service on its demo trunk, getting hands on with this package is a fairly easy proposition.

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere

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