January 14, 2016

CoreDial Nets Honors from Frost & Sullivan

Recently, CoreDial LLC took home a substantial honor from Frost & Sullivan, landing the 2015 Enabling Technology Leadership Award for Cloud Communications Services Channels in North America. Typically the award is given to one company annually, and CoreDial offered up quite a prospect to draw Frost & Sullivan's attention.

CoreDial won following a complete analysis from Frost & Sullivan, which showed that CoreDial's systems were able to offer cloud communications systems in a big way to business customers. CoreDial's systems are backed up by its own SwitchConnex system, allowing partners to rapidly bring in new services as need be, ranging from hosted PBX and voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) to session initiation protocol (SIP) trunking and unified communications tools.

Frost & Sullivan's North American program director Elka Popova noted that CoreDial's “...advanced SaaS sales, provisioning and billing platform” made it possible to render service delivery processes completely automatic, which in turn “...reduces costs and hassles.”

It's a development well-received by potential buyers, too; CoreDial now has over 207,000 endpoints to its credit, up 37,000 since 2014 finished. It's drawing in new partners at the rate of about 15 a month, and currently counts over 430 firms as partners. Double-digit growth rates are on hand here, as partners have seen margins as high as 65 percent. That's all great news, and the award from Frost & Sullivan—which according to CoreDial CEO Alan Rihm capped off its 10th anniversary year—just serves as icing on an already impressive cake.

Those interested in getting a better handle on CoreDial's offerings will have a golden opportunity to do so, and in addition, get away from the cold weather currently seen in much of the United States and beyond. CoreDial will be exhibiting its products in Booth #611 at the ITEXPO East event. Located at the Broward County Convention Center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the event will bring together over 100 speakers and several thousand attendees to network, check out the latest in tech releases, and get the best information from thought leaders in the field.

CoreDial's offerings, meanwhile, clearly have plenty of appeal for users; the growing numbers of partners and customers is seeing to that much. Making it easier to upgrade communications tools to some of the best in the field like SIP trunking and the like is doubtless welcome to users, and that's likely much of what drew Frost & Sullivan's interest. When a company can make a normal function easier to perform with a certain solution, that saves time, and therefore saves money, making it a solution worth considering further.

Frost & Sullivan could certainly get behind CoreDial's offering—that much was clear from the award—and based on what we know so far, there's plenty of reason beyond Frost & Sullivan's nod to get interested as well.

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere

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