January 12, 2016

APIs and SaaS Will Be the Future of Your Business

Technology has become one of the most important forces shaping our world today. The innovations that continue to be developed are changing the way we live and thrive. For businesses, technology is also making it possible to compete regardless of their size and available capital. Because of this, companies who once thought they had all they needed to win, are actually losing to unicorns like Uber that are able to bring radical new ideas and business models by leveraging the latest technological innovations.

We caught up with Grace Schroeder, CEO of Idea2 Ltd., which will be participating at the upcoming ITEXPO event in Ft. Lauderdale, to hear more.

“Businesses who embrace technology can find new evolutionary paths that will keep them relevant in the eyes of the millennial crowd who grew up with technology as a formative underpinning of their life experience. They won’t operate any other way, as customers or employees. There is risk for many companies who aren’t committed to the exercise of understanding the role of technology in their future,” Grace said.

Cloud Computing is one way companies are starting to reap the benefits.  Grace noted that when Idea2 started, the main concept was that a business of any size should be able to have custom business automation at an affordable price, delivered and supported as a service and then came to understand that the company should instead support companies and let users chose the best tool to solve the business problem.

“We evolved our platform to help business create core/custom functionality in a customized yet cost effective way, and to tie together the variety of endpoint applications that were chosen by the users. In this way, Idea2 becomes the master system of record for all of the data and workflows thereby accomplishing data centralization and sharing without a draconian single-platform mandate.”

The most important thing, as with anything, is to build trust. Customers want to know that the solutions they chose are actually going to work they way they are portrayed.

“Many successful companies don’t have the time to keep up with the technology alternatives raining down on them every day. There is a lot of mystery, and frankly a lot of legacy technology providers selling technologies that actually won’t work in the new world -- which breeds fear, dread and sometimes loathing among potential customers.”

In fact, customers today are actually moving away from feature matrix evaluation and towards a, “true technology evaluation to find platforms that offer flexibility to adapt to changing conditions,” Grace said. “Working with trusted partners is critical to their ability to execute.”

Grace will be discussing these topics and more during panels at ITEXPO. “Is this the Age of the API?” will also feature Natasha Tamaskar, Vice President, Cloud Services and Ecosystem, Kandy and moderator Peter Radizeski of RAD-INFO, Inc. and will look at what this massive flow of APIs mean for enterprises, IT departments, and software vendors.

The team will gather once more for a session called, “Beyond SaaS” to discuss the potential of BPaaS, what it is, why it will emerge as the next major trend, and who should be paying attention now.  

Natasha Tamaskar is also joining executives from Sprint, Digium and Dialogic on Wed., Jan. 27 at 10 a.m. for a special keynote presentation "APIs: The Future of Business" for an hour long discussion who the winners and losers in the API economy will be and what it will take for companies to succeed. 

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere

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