July 28, 2014

Five9 to Address Mobile Customer Care, Content Marketing at 2014 ITEXPO

While it may seem like summer's slipping away—and in some places, that summer never really got off the ground thanks to a series of unusual cold fronts—there's still one great event to come. It's ITEXPO 2014, heading out to The Rio Las Vegas from August 11 – 14, and with it will come a host of companies exhibiting an equally wide variety of products, as well as plenty of companies taking to the speakers' floor to deliver comments about the industry as a whole, and specific parts therein. Five9, meanwhile, has a plan in mind for ITEXPO as it will offer up two major panels for the event as well as the keynote panel scheduled for August 14.

But before that keynote, Five9 will take the stage for a panel titled “Best Practices for Integrating Mobile into Customer Service,” where it will be joined by Genesys, Mobiquity and SMSGate. The panel will focus on the idea of adding mobile devices to a customer service lineup, and how best to do it so that users can get the most out of the experience. This in turn should serve as a bottom-line driver, if it's done properly, and the panel will therefore focus on how to make that happen.

Meanwhile, Five9's keynote panel will instead focus on content marketing, including such points as what tactics to incorporate into the content marketing concept, as well as how to use branding in a fashion appropriate to tackling the challenges faced in the current environment. Throughout it all, Five9 will have its contact center solution available for exhibition at booth #337. Those who come out to see Five9's booth can enter a raffle for a Jawbone Jambox, providing a little extra inducement to have a look at Five9's systems in action.

Five9's speeches should have plenty of value for the businesses who attend and get a little insight into these two critical fields. Optimizing the customer service experience has been top priority for many companies for some time now—an issue that's particularly important when customers are more inclined to sit on wallets than actually open said devices—and therefore, getting a handle on some of the techniques involved to make that customer service experience the best it can be should prove worthwhile. Meanwhile, the current business environment all but requires innovation in marketing—little else will slip through the noise of hundreds of other companies attempting to gain consumer attention through marketing—and content marketing is a great tool to have in the toolbox when it comes to market. It has something of a greater impact, and is somewhat lesser-used than its alternatives, so it has a greater chance of making that all-too-important impact. We have a variety of videos on this and many other topics available at this link.

But whether one's coming for the keynotes, the panels, or the exhibitions—or all three!--the key point is that this year's ITEXPO should be packed full of great things to see, do, and apply to standard business operations. Those who hit Las Vegas for the big event should not only find insight afoot, but applications designed to improve that bottom line.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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