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Free for All Attendees — August 12 - 14, 2014 | Free Registration Required
The FreePBX Ecosystem has developed over the past decade to be the most widely deployed Open Source PBX platforms in use across the world today. The openness the project provides allows Users, Resellers, Enthusiast and Partners to utilize the FreePBX Ecosystem to build robust communication solutions that are powerful but at the same time easy to implement and support.

Listen to talks from the Project Managers about the FreePBX Ecosystem including its history, current feature set and roadmap for the future. We will also have additional vendors and speakers on hand that have partnered with FreePBX to build solutions that expand on the already powerful FreePBX platform or talk about how their products that anyone can purchase for their FreePBX system enhances the FreePBX experience.

FreePBX World is an event for all interested in selling, installing or using VoIP phone systems. whether you are installing on premise or in the cloud, targeting small businesses or enterprise users, FreePBX has a solution to fit your needs.

Who Should Attend

All users of FreePBX Systems
Anyone looking to Sell and Install VoIP Phone Systems and Hosted VoIP Services.
The FreePBX Ecosystem is currently powering millions of PBXs across the world, making it a lucrative market for Developers looking to build FreePBX Certified custom telephony applications.
OEM/Hardware manufacturers looking to expand their PBX offerings into the lucrative FreePBX marketplace.
Anyone looking to learn more about FreePBX and the Ecosystem of products around it and the Reseller Program.

Free Registration Required

Keynote Speakers

Mark Spencer
Chairman, CTO
Digium, Inc.

Allison Smith
Owner, Professional Voice Talent
The IVR Voice

Philippe Lindheimer
Vice President
Schmooze Com Inc.

FreePBX World 2014 Conference Sessions

Tuesday August 12, 2014
9:00 - 9:45AM
Tuesday - 08/12/14
FreePBX Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
Presented by: Philippe Lindheimer
Vice President
Schmooze Com Inc
Find out how FreePBX® grew to be more than just an easy way to write config files for Asterisk®, to become the most widely adopted Open Source PBX Platform and EcoSystem in the world, we will provide an overview of what the FreePBX® project is and a timeline in history of how FreePBX® has evolved into what it is today, including how our millions of users benefit as well as a sneak peak at what is coming next.
10:00 - 10:45AM
Tuesday - 08/12/14
The 15 Commandments of IVR
Presented by: Allison Smith
The IVR Voice
Allison Smith - the Voice of Asterisk®, as well as the voice of countless other platforms for major telcos and large and SMBs alike. She will discuss her observations of IVR systems from her unique vantage point - from behind the mic, as one of the world's most prevalent telephone voices. Are telephone systems becoming more intuitive; easier to use; and less frustrating for callers to navigate? They're a necessary evil in today's turnkey world, but are we still making it as difficult as possible for callers to get what they want?
11:00 - 12:00PM
Tuesday - 08/12/14
Popular Add ons to enhance FreePBX and your bottom line.
Presented by: Preston McNair
VP of Sales and Marketing
Schmooze Com Inc
In this presentation Preston will provide an in depth overview of FreePBX® add ons and commercial modules available to enhance a base install of FreePBX. Schmooze's FreePBX Commercial Applications integrate directly with FreePBX and provide end users and integrators enhanced capabilities to the already feature rich FreePBX platform, backed by a dedicated development team and the protections available with traditional commercial software.
12:15 - 1:15PM
Tuesday - 08/12/14
KEYNOTE - Open Source Telephony Revolution, the billion dollar game changer.
Allison Smith,
Owner, Professional Voice Talent - The IVR Voice

Mark Spencer
Chairman, CTO - Digium, Inc.

Philippe Lindheimer,
Vice President - Schmooze Com Inc.
Open source communications platforms powered by FreePBX® and Asterisk® have been under continuous development for over 10 years. Today they account for millions of installations worldwide, contributing billions of dollars in hardware, software and services sales.

During this Keynote Presentation, Asterisk creator Mark Spencer, FreePBX Project Lead Philippe Lindheimer and The IVR Voice's Allison Smith will tell the tale of how open source telephony grew from the "necessity of a cash strapped young entrepreneur's need for a phone system" to today's billion dollar game changer that was once a vendor locked PBX market place.

FreePBX offers a rich, reliable, and well-supported EcoSystem that gives software application vendors, device manufacturers and service providers the freedom, power and choice to build and deliver revolutionary communications solutions --- faster, better and at lower costs.
1:15 - 2:00PM
Tuesday - 08/12/14
FreePBX High Availability
Presented by: Tony Lewis
Schmooze Com Inc
FreePBX HA is a commercially developed High Availability solution that enables automatic mirroring and failover between two FreePBX systems. It was created to fill a need for organizations that have a low tolerance for downtime in the event of system failures and outages. Tony will review how it works, and provide a live demonstration of FreePBX HA in action. FreePBX HA recently was awarded the Best Large Enterprise Application at ITEXPO Miami
3:15 - 4:00PM
Tuesday - 08/12/14
FreePBX- Channel Partner Programs and Products Overview
Presented by: Preston McNair
VP of Sales and Marketing
Schmooze Com Inc
With close to two million active production systems in over 210 countries and territories across the planet FreePBX attracts lots of attention from people wanting to get in on the action. We have designed our Partner Programs to be as open and customizable to your business needs as possible. Whatever your classification, OEM, VAR, RESELLER, AGENT, SYSTEM INTEGRATOR, or "the IT/phone person" this program has options to fit your needs.
4:15 - 5:00PM
Tuesday - 08/12/14
What's New in FreePBX 12
Presented by: Andrew Nagy
Software Developer
Schmooze Com Inc
FreePBX 12 brings core architectural changes and major new features to the world's most popular open source PBX platform. In this presentation Andrew will review the highlights of these changes and major new features. Some of which include a completely rewritten mobile friendly User Control Panel, PJSIP support and standardization and consistency improvements across the entire platform.
Wednesday August 13, 2014
8:30 - 9:45AM
Wednesday - 08/13/14
Using the FreePBX EndPoint Manager
Presented by: Luke Duquaine
Software Developer
Schmooze Com Inc
The FreePBX EndPoint Manager can auto provision and configure directly from the GUI interface over 220 popular devices, wireless phones, door phones, paging devices, gateways and specialty devices. Luke will provide an in depth view of managing devices including using Basefile Editor to change settings not exposed in the GUI to fully customize your config files.
10:00 - 10:45AM
Wednesday - 08/13/14
FreePBX Security, a Holistic Approach
Presented by: Scott Holtzman
Chief Technology Officer
Micro Advantage
Security is more than just network security. Overview of VoIP exposure points, how to balance usability with security. Review of latest security trends such as SSL VPN's Will discuss dial toll fraud scams and physical security issues.
11:00 - 11:45AM
Wednesday - 08/13/14
FreePBX Localization and Translation for a Global Audience
Presented by: Kevin McCoy
Research and Development
In this presentation Kevin will overview the FreePBX Project's new strategy for bringing accessible crowdsourcing translation to FreePBX, He will highlight the creative challenges that need to be overcome in software localization and why the open source codebase of FreePBX gives us a definitive edge over closed solutions that struggle with diverse needs of a global audience. He will also give suggestions for developers on "border free" coding strategies, and invite multilingual community members to participate in expanding the scope of FreePBX's multilingual capability.
1:30 - 2:00PM
Wednesday - 08/13/14
FreePBX Hosting and Pitfalls Virtualization Providers Should Keep In Mind
Presented by: Adam Hobach
Cyberlynk Network, Inc.
Adam will discuss traditional hosting/VoIP business models in the hosting industry which include topics like package pricing, server hardware, networking, support, experience with hosting VoIP services and the potential pitfalls if not done correctly. Adam's company Cyberlynk is the first company to be certified by the FreePBX Project. FreePBXhosting.com takes a new approach to hosting VoIP services which include FreePBX VPS's, Dedicated Servers and High Availability solutions.
2:00 - 2:45PM
Wednesday - 08/13/14
FreePBX Developers Roundtable - Open Discussion
Presented by: FreePBX Development Team
Community Q&A with the FreePBX Development Team.
3:00 - 3:45PM
Wednesday - 08/13/14
Putting Your Brand on FreePBX with Custom OEM Programs
Presented by: Preston McNair
VP of Sales and Marketing
Schmooze Com Inc
Looking to grow your brand? The unique FreePBX OEM Program you to get a customized skinned version of the FreePBX Distro. This allows OEM's to focus on growing revenues while Schmooze takes care of the software development of their custom platform. We will review OEM options that can be utilized on both on premise, virtual and Cloud based hosted solutions.
4:00 - 4:45 PM
Wednesday - 08/13/14
New Communications Innovation with WebRTC
Presented by: Billy Chia
Asterisk Marketing Manager
Digium, Inc
WebRTC "Web Real-Time Communications" is an innovative technology that is poised to change the communications landscape. In this talk Billy will explain some of the trends and use cases in web communications as well as demo some implementations of WebRTC with both Asterisk and FreePBX.
Thursday August 14, 2014
9:30 - 10:00AM
Thursday - 08/14/14
FreePBX - Hardware Software Certification Program
Presented by: Preston McNair
Vice President of Marketing
Schmooze Com Inc
This presentation is open to Hardware distributors, manufacturers and Software developers wanting to learn how to get in on the FreePBX EcoSystem. With close to two million active production systems and growth of over 20 thousand systems per month you don't want to be left out!
10:00 - 10:45AM
Thursday - 08/14/14
SIPStation, Eliminate Traditional Phone Service
Presented by: Tony Lewis
CEO Co-Founder
Schmooze Com Inc
SIPStation service is built into every FreePBX system. In this presentation Tony will give an overview of the service as well as highlights of the included features.
11:00 - 12:15AM
Thursday - 08/14/14
FreePBX Phone Apps Presentation
Presented by: Tony Lewis, Billy Chia
FreePBX Phone Apps are a suite of IP phone applications that integrate directly with FreePBX and are compatible with devices from several popular manufacturers. These onscreen applications allow users to control functions and settings directly from their phones using apps such as Voicemail, Call Parking, FollowMe Management, Do Not Disturb, Conference Room Management, Login/logout hot desking. This joint session, facilitated by Tony Lewis and Billy Chia, will feature a live demo of several FreePBX Phone Apps using Digium IP Phones, as well as highlight some of the upcoming new apps under development.


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