Why Attend?

Learn how to be aware and prepare to protect your most valuable assets - individual and company patents and intellectual property stored in the Patent Eco System or being held for security.
Expert presenters from both the public and private sectors will be there to discuss ways to proactively make participants aware, knowledgeable and able to protect patents. Experts will engage and empower participants to question and understand how recent legislation affects their ability to secure new patents, seek to license old ones, protect all of their patents and IP, and to know the rights from both sides.

The SUITS conference program will focus on the following subjects/topics:

  • Corporate and Enterprise effects of patents - models and strategies for both sides of the confrontation table
  • Patents domestic and International - challenges and opportunities
  • Identifying how patents effect your company and your bottom line
  • Who is coming after you for infringement and how to protect yourself.
  • Patents 101: A Class from USTOP
  • Cause and effects of patents when challenged
  • Why a carrier and or enterprise may be at risk without knowing
  • Why shouldn't I wait till I am sued to state my case
  • Mining, valuation, technical and legal analyses, and transaction negotiations
  • Mobile vs. Carrier vs. Equipment boundaries and how they shape patent scenarios
  • Successful business models for licensing rights of the patent holder and the developer
  • Buying and selling rights and licensing - how is it done, why is it done
  • Endgames for Trollers - what are trollers?
  • Identification of patent licensing and assignment opportunities
  • How to protect your patents
  • The role of inventor vs. adding to existing patent and your rights.
  • IP Law and Policy-what carriers and enterprise need to know
  • What is the Leahy-Smith America Invents Act
  • What has changed with the Leahy-Smith Act- effect and change
  • What questions would you want to know from the USPTO



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