February 08, 2016

Cima Group Exec Chats with TMC at ITEXPO

Conrad D’Souza, COO & EVP of Cima Group, was at the recent ITEXPO talking with TMC. Below is the full interview.

On a high level, what role does Cima Group play within the global landscape?

D’Souza: Cima Group empowers businesses through simple enablement. Our OSS/BSS systems are geared toward rapidly adapting to evolving consumer behaviors, enabling our customers to monetize these evolving behaviors.

Could you please describe your customer base today?

D’Souza: Our customer base is companies in the information technology and telecommunications sector, providers of over-the-top, Internet of Things, and value-added service – literally, any business that has a requirement for the digital environment, we can enable them. We’ve been working with some really exciting application developer startups, which have propelled us to launch our developer forum, enabling anyone in this community to accelerate development.

What is your vision for Cima Group?

D’Souza: Our strategy is focused on expanding our innovative portfolio into verticals like finance, health care, and the connected home. This puts Cima Group squarely in the digital economy. The way we will achieve this is through the right organic growth, partnerships, and acquisitions.

Tell us more about Cima Group’s plan to expand into other verticals.

D’Souza: We are working with a number of startups and cutting edge technology partners that will be taking us beyond the core of communications into PoS, distribution channels, and our clients’ homes. We believe our technology and capabilities will influence key consumer and enterprise buying decisions.

What do you expect to be the global impact of Cima Group in the next 5 to 10 years?

D’Souza: We are already a part of a digital economy that includes billions of transactions. What we are doing today will push us into trillions of transactions a year, in the very near future. We are going to be leading millions of new international consumers in the digital breathing generation into this global electronic economy. We understand the importance of aggregating the right technology to solve market trend challenges.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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