June 24, 2021

Utilizing Asset Tracking Technology Reinforce Supply Chain Services and Company Assets

During the second day of ITEXPO, keynote speaker Scott Schwalbe (CEO/Co-Founder

NimbeLink) held a presentation with David Gustafson (President,SMART Logistics) about new advancements in supply chain and logistical services that businesses are using to alleviate costs and retain expensive business assets.

Tracking customer products effectively is certainly a top priority for any supply chain management service. With advanced cellular services like 5G, this process has become significantly easier to manage. In the past, tracking customer items was a relatively uncertain process, in some cases leading to compromised assets or stolen products. Using mobile connectivity, supply chain managers can accurately assess these products in real time, providing crucial data to ensure the product journey is as smooth as possible. 

Gustafson discussed one of the biggest challenges in the supply chain, which is maintaining shipping assets that often become compromised due to customer interference. For instance, lumber shortages across the nation are forcing supply chain companies to switch to reusable pallets with digital components. Because of this, these companies are using 5G services to track these pallets, which often go missing due to misunderstandings or theft. Both Gustafson and Schwalbe discussed the significance of this technology, and how its implementation is reducing costs for business owners and saving valuable resources. 

To learn more about other exciting developments related to supply chain management, visit ITEXPO this week in Miami, Florida. 

Edited by Luke Bellos

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