June 24, 2021

Ways Of Reshaping Business From A Female Perspective

Following CEO Insights: Inside the Minds Driving Today's Tech Firms, ITEXPO attendees had the opportunity to hear about alternative leadership  perspectives from four females in top level management positions. The conversation, titled Women In Leadership Change How Companies Think featured Leigh-Ann Buchanan (President, aire ventures), Martha Poulter (CIO, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines), Meggie Soliman (Director, Strategic Innovations, Applications DSS, Inc.), as well as panel moderator Nikki Cabus Interim CEO Tech Hub South Florida. 

The discussion highlighted the career trajectory of the four speakers,tackling the various challenges they’ve faced as they worked toward leadership roles in male-dominated industries. Audience members were also able to hear about some of the most prominent challenges for women in business, such as communicating with management for more responsibility, or finding new opportunities in competitive spaces. The speakers also offered advice and career tips to women looking to broaden their scope for career choices. 

Mentorship was another important element of the conversation, and the panelists explained the significance of maintaining relationships with industry leaders outside of business environments. The panelists made a point to remind audience members that hard work has limitations in the business world, and women should feel confident stepping up to management to ask for new positions they believe they deserve.

Join ITEXPO this week in Miami, Florida to hear more conversations from leaders who are reshaping the business world for the better.

Edited by Luke Bellos

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