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February 09, 2017

Telinta Hits ITEXPO, Bolsters Hosted PBX

With the ITEXPO event in full swing, Telinta offered up some powerful new options for its hosted private branch exchange (PBX) system, a white-label operation that opens up the floor to an array of other users. With these new features, meanwhile, users will get a lot more out of the hosted PBX, and make Telinta a much more likely pick for future development.

Telinta's new features include a variety of features spread out across a couple of different categories. The big winner features-wise is call-related features, which include some new dialing rules as well as better hunt group operations and pickup groups. Also added are new call forwarding options, simplified access to voice mail, parked call monitoring, an improved interface for call pickup options, and more beyond.

Better yet, there are also new options for billing and customer management functions, including the ability to alter billing periods, download multiple invoices at once, and make setup for new customers easier by being able to “clone” currently-existing subscription plans. There are even new options for security and cost savings, including being able to limit the number of calls happening at once on a customer account.

Telinta's CEO, Alex Ferdman, noted, “Hosted PBX is a major priority at Telinta. We understand that ITSPs and their resellers rely on innovative new features which help them to better compete and win in the marketplace.”  Those interested in checking out Telinta's capabilities further need only go to ITEXPO, running through Friday at the Broward County Convention Center in Fort Lauderdale. There, users will proceed to booth 627, where Telinta is waiting to show off its impressive slate of options.

This addition serves an important purpose; Telinta has made its line of hosted PBX options that much more attractive, which will likely serve it well in the market. Adding features is often a good way to achieve not only distinctiveness in the market but as an attracting agent to customers. It doesn't always work that way, of course; sometimes the additions are too complex or hard to use, and that can be counterproductive. Extra features that work in the background or are simple to work with can have the best effect.

Telinta's additions, meanwhile, shouldn't be too hard to work with, and should add quite a bit of value. That should in turn improve Telinta's fortunes in the market, at least until the competition does some augmenting of its own. Checking Telinta out at ITEXPO will also add some benefits for potential customers, as said customers will get exposure to a full range of new options and networking opportunities along with these options.

Edited by Alicia Young

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