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February 06, 2017

Introducing a Revolutionary mCommerce Platform by ZORO.IM


ITEXPO (Fort Lauderdale Fla.) -  Introducing ZORO.IM  a gateway to stay connected with any business or brand of your choice and that acts as your virtual assistant and pulls out offers or promotions in real-time.

After conducting several validations and pilot tests, the team at ZORO.IM has launched a new App at ITEXPO happening in Fort Lauderdale Fla., that exclusively focuses on bot-assisted business messaging with a  focus on social networking and mCommerce.

Imagine  ZORO.IM as a gateway to connect to any business (local, regional, national or global) and  either receive regular updates from them or to do 2-way real-time chat or customer support chat with them.


  • Millennia’s Are Texting More And Talking Less – forbes
  • Messaging apps are now bigger than social networks - businessinsider
  • Study: Teens prefer texting to talking – cnet

Our survey reveals that 65 percent of consumers want to message with businesses and these consumers are equally spread across small and big business.

Top 3 reasons consumers want to text with businesses are:

  1. To get regular updates on product or services
  2. To get in touch with customer support
  3. To purchase products or services over chat

How does ZORO.IM work ?

Any business can create their channel for free in less than 5 minutes from the ZORO.IM app or website. We categorize these businesses across: Banks, Organizations, Education, Clubs, Healthcare, Lifestyle, News, Professional services, Restaurants, Retail and Travel.

Consumers can follow any channel of their interest. Our machine learning algorithm will suggest channels that one should follow based on behavior trends.

Businesses can send targeted broadcast, polls, surveys, contests and coupons.

What’s more, businesses can even sell products or services right over the channel.

Robin – our AI Bot

You want to know about travel packages in Dubai? Simply ask Robin – our AI Bot  and it will pull all offers for  travel companies published over the channel in past month. You can also start following one of them and directly chat with them to know more about any Dubai package.

Why struggle to find updates about your favorite brands or business on social networking sites or websites ? Just ask Robin or follow the business of your choice and receive regular updates from them directly in your favourite IM app – ZORO.IM.

Imagine that - you don’t need to call customer care for a bank or mobile operator or travel company and wait for 15 – 30 minutes before your query is answered. Just chat with the business or enterprise and get your problem solved. You can even do audio or video calls with an agent.

ZORO.IM also works well with social networking  and updates that you like can also be shared with your contacts. Check it out now!

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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