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February 02, 2017

SAP Digital Addresses Digital Transformation

Digital transformation has become a hot term recently. But what exactly does it mean, why is it important, and what disciplines does it effect?

Madhur Aggarwal of SAP Digital tackled all of the above questions in a recent email with TMC. Aggarwal will be a panelist during the session “Emerging Technologies Likely to Influence Your Business” next week at ITEXPO in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

What is digital transformation all about?

The digital economy is changing every aspect of business: customer experience, employee engagement, operations, and everything else in between. The impact of digital disruption transcends industries, geographies, and traditional lines of business.

What is SAP Digital doing to address the digital transformation?

To stay ahead of this disruption and take charge of our own transformation, SAP established the SAP Digital business unit in 2015. Our team’s mission is to allow anyone to buy and use SAP and third-party offerings with minimal human interaction. We’re now offering solutions to anyone, including many who have never done business with SAP before. We’re empowering people to buy and use our offerings via a self-service model without having to rely on anyone else – in sales or IT.

How does collaboration figure in to digital transformation?

In the digital economy, we must move fast, and collaboration is essential for speed. By focusing on cultivating a coordinated set of operational strengths based on what customers want and what fits with our overall strategy, we are able to stay ahead of the curve. We begin our efforts from our core value: empathy for customers, colleagues and partners. Then work together across teams, to optimize core capabilities.

There’s a migration from using more traditional means of communications like the phone to interacting via messaging and social networks. What is SAP doing on these fronts? 

SAP’s mobile services business – part of the SAP Digital team, reaches 97 percent of mobile consumers worldwide, with all of the top telcos and social media companies as customers. SAP’s cloud solutions, including Hybris, SuccessFactors, and HANA Cloud Platform, use digital interconnect services to provide last-mile reach through SMS, email, and integration with social networks. SAP also provides easy-to-program interfaces so that any application can use SMS, intelligent notifications, and authentication services to interconnect people and things.

What are you doing in the realms of artificial intelligence and chatbots?

SAP is piloting chatbots because we believe these capabilities will be a useful engagement tool that more of our customers will ask for. Think of chatbots as intelligent advisors with the potential to help save time, opening up completely new ways of getting business done – things we’ve never thought possible before.

How do analytics figure in to the SAP Digital strategy? And how are customers benefitting?

We use SAP analytics solutions to track and gauge our own progress. But we’re also delivering offerings that allow customers to leverage big data/analytics for outstanding benefits.

SAP and the European Space Agency are working together to facilitate access to a new field of business opportunities in the geospatial context. We announced in November the Earth Observation Analysis Service powered by SAP HANA, which combines the power of SAP HANA with ESA’s accurate, timely, and easily accessible Earth observation data. Reinsurance company Munich Re is using it to gain insights and predict potential impact of wildfires based on historic and current satellite data (which gathers ~10TB/day). 

SAP Digital Consumer Insight – our first data service offering, which won a TMCnet BDaaS award – delivers affordable insights that can be purchased easily at SAPStore.com. It uses the latest analytics, in-memory, and cloud technologies to harness mobile network data (anonymized and aggregated), so users can develop smarter, more impactful marketing and CRM strategies.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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