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January 27, 2017

Learn Video Marketing Secrets at 2017 ITEXPO

If there's one thing that ITEXPO is known for, it's the sheer array of keynotes, lectures, panels and exhibitions that let an attendee know just what's going on in the modern communications market. This year will prove to be no exception, as sessions will be set up for everyone from IBM to RingCentral. One perhaps more unusual point will come as the CEO and co-founder of Voodoo Video Marketing Magic Robert Cassard will be on hand to offer some secrets on getting the most out of video.

Cassard has long been known in video marketing circles as he's been writing, directing and producing video for the last 25 years. He's also known as a content expert who has delivered substantial numbers of sales and growth to a variety of industries. He's worked with an array of firms from Hewlett-Packard to Sprint, and is ready to show ITEXPO attendees just how to get the video job done.

Right out of the gate, Cassard will offer an address called “Using Video to Multiply Your Marketing Effectiveness.” It's built around the premise that viewers remember 95 percent of video content, but just 10 percent of printed content. Throw in a greatly increased emotional engagement—which commonly means better clickthrough rates—and the end result is a clear value in video marketing.

Cassard will also point out how automated video is being used to qualify potential sales prospects and improve customer satisfaction, among other things. Perhaps incidentally, Cassard will also be working to overcome what he sees as the major hurdle for companies using video marketing on a wider scale: the sheer fear of this comparatively new form of marketing. 

That's just one of the many events set to be held at ITEXPO, which will run February 8 – 10 at Fort Lauderdale's Broward County Convention Center. Cassard's remarks will be delivered on the first day, but there will be many other events to follow as well as exhibitions and networking opportunities.

Video marketing can indeed be a valuable tool to have on hand; that improved recognition and connection can be especially useful, and given how many social influencers these days got to that position because of video, having a handle on video marketing can be especially valuable. Whether taking advantage of current video producers' popularity or making a push on new popularity, video can be a valuable tool to have.

Learning how to do video the right way—the most effective way—is therefore imperative. That provides one more good reason to come to ITEXPO, and see not only tools for effective video marketing, but also a wide lineup of all the latest communications methods.

Edited by Alicia Young

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