January 24, 2017

FracTEL, WiredIQ Bring New Product to ITEXPO

Since its inception, ITEXPO has long been known as an event where companies can launch products in front of a vast crowd of potentially interested peers. Several products have been launched at ITEXPO in the past, and this year's event—set to run February 8-10 in Fort Lauderdale—will be no different as WiredIQ and FracTEL get together to launch the new BrainBox system.

The evocatively-named BrainBox system does, effectively, what the name suggests. At least in a manner of speaking; it serves as a complete hardware-based management system for an array of communications and similar functions. The BrainBox system offers not only access to Internet protocol (IP) traffic shaping options, but also the use of software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) to bolster voice and other services from FracTEL.

A great start, but only a start; the system also comes with a slate of security tools ranging from remote monitoring and intrusion detection to threat prevention and data encryption all in one. Throw in backup systems, automatic network failover, and Payment Card Industry (PCI) 3.0 compliance all in one package and the BrainBox system can serve as the basis for some significant network operations.

WiredIQ's CEO Joe Rhem commented, “We needed a scalable tax compliance and telecom back office and billing solution to launch our service and FracTEL provided the right level of integration with a turnkey solution that had all of the features we were looking for. We are also proud to give FracTEL new leverage in the marketplace by providing our SD-WAN technology to help them manage and optimize their customer WAN connections for their business communications clientele."

There's little doubt that FracTEL and WiredIQ's system is going to deliver some significant value for companies in the field; there's simply too much being offered in one package here for someone not to find value in it. By introducing it at ITEXPO, meanwhile, the duo gets access to a large room full of people—a little over 6,000 at last count—that are specifically interested in this sort of advance. That improves the likelihood of making sales, making distribution connections, potentially even finding new master agent opportunities to get the product into other companies' hands.

By introducing a product at ITEXPO, FracTEL and WiredIQ join many other firms who have done likewise. While success isn't assured by such a practice, it does provide an excellent opportunity to set up a success with proper follow-up down the line. Bringing a powerful new communications system like BrainBox to a room full of interested people like ITEXPO is one of the smartest ways to go.

Edited by Alicia Young

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