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January 25, 2016

Bicom Systems Unveils New IP Key Systems Solution at ITEXPO

Bicom Systems is at ITEXPO this week talking about its new IP Key Systems product.

In an interview today in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., Stephen Wingfield, Bicom Systems account manager, explained that this new solution is aimed at small and medium businesses that have a high comfort level with key systems due to their past use of such solutions, and which often still use analog. But, he added, the new key system also supports SIP. The new solution also features auto provision, call control, presence, and more.

A 12-year-old company that got its start delivering Asterisk-based solutions, Bicom Systems now offers a collection of seven solutions. For those who want to become an ITSP or a telco, Wingfield said, Bicom Systems offers a full range of products – everything that’s needed to get up and running quickly.

SERVERware, Wingfield explained, is a virtualization platform dedicated to telephony. This redundant, scalable telephony cloud platform offers easy to use, GUI-based administration for PBXware, TELCOware, and sipMON partitions.

PBXware, Bicom Systems’ first product, was introduced in 2004. It is an IP PBX telephony platform that’s available in business, call center, IP key systems, and multitenant editions.

A PBXware and SERVERware module called sipPROT offers authorization to protect against SIP/TFTP attacks. And TELCOware is a telecommunications billing platform designed for use with PBXware or third-party telephony softswitches; end users can use it to order services and get invoices.

Bicom Systems also offers gloCOM, a rich desktop softphone that also comes in a mobile edition. The company’s sipMON solution, meanwhile, monitors SIP connections to ensure their quality, and it sends out warnings in the event of jitter and/or packet loss.

And Wingfield said Bicom Systems expects to launch a desktop sharing product in about three months.

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere

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