Content Marketing & Marketing Automation

Attend Content Marketing & Marketing Automation - Driving Qualified Leads and Closing More Sales

Wednesday, February 8

Learn how to utilize content marketing and marketing automation to increase sales and improve business. Hear from the experts about the latest implementation strategies and best practices, and translate your marketing efforts into profits.

Content Marketing & Marketing Automation Sessions

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

9:30 AM | Introduction to Marketing Automation

Jeffrey Dworkin - President, Marketing Automation Partners

As often happens with new technologies, Marketing Automation has become the latest buzzword within the marketing space. Products that were once sold under such banners as email marketing, content curation, list management, inbound marketing platforms, and outbound marketing platforms are all being sold as Marketing Automation. This session strategically aligns all of these Marketing Technologies and helps unscramble the array of functionally that is now called Marketing Automation. It also defines the which functions need to be integrated at the core of a Marketing Automation implementation and which functions can be added at the periphery to create a true best-of-breed solution

10:00 AM | Content Strategies for Building SEO

Peg Ventricelli - Managing Editor, Content Boost

A lot of significance has been attached to getting your website to organically rank on the first page of web search. But Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can often seem like a magic box, with ambiguous rules that change so often that it is difficult for anyone but a true expert to impact actual rankings. Dynamic and relevant content are the first step. However, tying SEO to landing page design and marketing automation is the real trick, as it turns what can often be a branding exercise into the first step of the journey from anonymous web search into a real customer.

10:30 AM | Marketing Automation Will Never Replace Salespeople

Jeffrey Dworkin - President, Marketing Automation Partners

One of the biggest obstacles to a successful implementation of a Marketing Automation Platform (MAP) is alignment with the Sales Team. This goes beyond the integration with the CRM system or other sales tools. When salespeople hear that Marketing is going to manage leads deeper into the funnel or automation tasks that used to be handled by sales they often react viscerally. Lack of understanding of MAP caused them to worry about having their skills called into question or being replaced by technology. Objections such as "I need to see all the leads, only I have the skill and experience to qualify those leads" or "Marketing is holding back leads that I could close", are all too common. Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt often cause sales people to not participate fully in the implementation of MAP and its failure becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Sales people attending this session will get objective information about MAP and how to use it to make them more effective and ultimately make more money. Marketers will earn the right language to overcome the objections of sales professionals so that their MAP implementation will go beyond marketing KPIs and deliver real revenue to the company topline.

1:30 | Live Event and Third Party Lead Acquisition

Jeffrey Dworkin - President, Marketing Automation Partners

Marketing Automation has always been closely linked to digital marketing. Many people mistakenly believe that a customer journey enabled by Marketing Automation must begin with a click or a visit to a website. However, there are many other ways to feed the top of a funnel that is served through Marketing Automation. Live events, content syndication and even print and television can add leads to the top of the funnel. These leads can be tracked in the same way as other methods of acquisition to make sure that these activities are delivering the leads that actually impact sales.

2:00 PM | Building Your Content-Driven Online Community to Achieve Marketing Results

Rich Tehrani - CEO, TMC

With an ever changing online-landscape, it can be a challenge to stay on the cutting edge of technology and marketing best practices. Organizations that build effective, content-driven Online Communities are able to connect with their target audience, improve their online visibility and establish their brand as a thought-leader.

In this presentation, participants will learn about what makes an Online Community successful, how your organization can build your own Online Community, and how partnering with a respected content producer can improve your results.

2:30 | The Role of Content in a MAP Implementation

Jeffrey Dworkin - President, Marketing Automation Partners

Many companies have implemented (or are considering the implementation) of a Marketing Automation Platform (MAP) based on the promises of delivering higher quality leads, increasing average sale amount, moving leads more quickly from acquisition to close, increasing sales and lower cost of sale. However, as with many new technologies, many companies are failing to achieve the results promised by implementation of MAP. Many of these failures can be traced to that fact that while a quality MAP can be the engine of an outstanding marketing program, it needs fuel in order to deliver on the promises made by many MAP vendors. This session demonstrates how content can become the fuel that powers Marketing Automation. It shows how to use Content along the entire Customer Lifecycle from acquisition, to conversion, through engagement and as a post-sale tool to upsell support and additional services beyond the initial sale.

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