Certified Public Cloud Architect Course

Certified Public Cloud Architect Course

Intensive Prep Course for AWS and Azure Certification Exams

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Cloud Certification Partner's Certified Public Cloud Architect Course

Intensive Prep Course for AWS and Azure Certification Exams

This three day intensive boot-camp is comprised of lectures, labs, quizzes and a final examination to teach you how to to design professional solutions using both the Amazon AWS and the Microsoft Azure platforms. Successful completion of the CCP Solutions Architect certificate will ensure that you have the skills and knowledge required to ace Amazon's AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate exam and Microsoft's Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions Exam (Exam 70-534).

The hands-on labs will walk you through the end-to-end architectural design of a complete service platform for an Internet-scale web and mobile application, including analytics and security.

In addition to gaining expertise with the AWS and Azure platforms, students will also learn how to manage docker containers and how, opensource systems, like OpenStack, Mesosphere and Kubernetes relate to the Azure and AWS clouds.


Shidan Gouran

CEO, Gulf Pearl Ltd.

Gulf Pearl Ltd.

Shidan Gouran is a the CEO of Gulf Pearl Ltd., an end to end product development agency, and Home Jinni Inc., developers of mobile and embedded solutions in the consumer electronics industry. He is a serial entrepreneur whose accomplishments include founding of a Canadian CLEC, development of an award winning PBX system, a popular Video on Demand and DRM solution and development the first Android Smart TV platform in the consumer electronics industry. He is currently a technical advisor to two start-ups developing solutions based on recent advancements in cryptography and distributed ledger platforms.

Prior to leading his own ventures, Shidan worked as a senior developer at IBM Canada, where he developed solutions for the banking and securities industry. He holds degrees in Pure Mathematics and Theoretical Physics from the University of Western Ontario.

Workshop Prerequisites

No previous experience with AWS, Azure or Docker is required, however, the course is designed for skilled IT professionals and power users with experience in both Linux System Administration and Software Development. At a minimum, students should have the following general IT knowledge before attempting this course:

  1. Conference programming focuses on helping you identify today's most effective solutions to improve efficiency, reduce cost, and increase productivity
  2. Understanding of typical web server architectures including web servers, caching, application servers, load balancers and storage.
  3. Understanding networking including the OSI model and basic configuration of route tables, access control lists, firewalls, NAT, HTTP, DNS, and IP networking on RedHat or Debian based Linux servers.
  4. Understanding of SQL, document and column based databases.
  5. Understanding of message queuing and Enterprise Service Bus architectures.
  6. Experience in Linux or Windows server side development in, at least, one high level language.
  7. Basic use of the Bash shell and familiarity with common Linux commands.
  8. Experience with Microsoft PowerShell is useful but not required.

Successful completion of this course will teach you the necessary skills for designing AWS and Azure solutions for:

  1. Highly available, cost efficient, fault tolerant and Internet scale distributed systems.
  2. Infrastructure and networking.
  3. Identity management.
  4. Securing resources and service platforms.
  5. Application storage, database services and data access.
  6. Developing service platforms for mobile and web
  7. Management, monitoring and business continuity strategies
  8. Serverless architectures